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Borage Salve - Anti-Inflammatory

Borage Salve - Anti-Inflammatory

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This Borage Salve started out as the herb, borage, growing in our Butterfly Field Garden here at Seed + Spoke Farms. It was hand harvested and macerated in organic oil for a minimum of six weeks. The herb was then strained out and the borage infused oil was combined with beeswax to create this handcrafted salve. Borage is rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid that has been shown to decrease inflammation.

Essential oils of lemongrass (antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory), lavender (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory), and peppermint (invigorating, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic) are added to increase the anti-inflammatory properties and give it a wonderful scent.

Small Batch. Limited Run.

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