Butterfly Field Gardens

2022 - Our beginning. I have been a traveling troubadour for most of the past 30 years and in the spring of 2022, my truck needed a new engine and with covid supply chain issues, it was going to be a year before it would be back on the road. This meant that I would have to give up life on the road for awhile. Erick cut me out a section of the property and suggested I garden. I feel like it was God's way of forcing me to slow down, and to process the passing of my dear sister Gwendolyn who left us five years prior. I named it Butterfly Field Gardens in honor of Gwen who's spirit I feel in the many visiting butterflies to our garden.   It was my first year and I learned a lot thanks to google. That first year, we offered an egg CSA and I experimented with many types of vegetables and flowers. We had a very successful harvest and many garden miracles. SO many in fact, that we decided to turn the venture into a small family farm business and Seed + Spoke Farms was born in August of 2022.