Our Flock

Raising a flock of chickens brings us immeasurable joy. Over time, you develop a unique bond with these feathered friends, knowing their personalities and quirks like the back of your hand. My favorite hen, Bonnie Raitt, enthusiastically greets me at the gate. The daily ritual of collecting fresh, warm eggs is a cherished routine, and the simple pleasure of cracking one open for breakfast never loses its charm. The cycle of life as the hens diligently brood and hatch their own chicks, fosters a sense of wonder and awe. The roosters' crowing at dawn is a comforting and familiar melody, signaling the start of a new day. It's a connection to the rhythms of nature, a source of fresh, healthy food, and a reminder of the beauty of sustainable living. In caring for our poultry, we gain a profound appreciation for the simple joys of life and the enduring companionship these birds provide. Our chicken eggs are for sale to the public May - September in our farm stand and online with local pickup/delivery options available.