Our Trail

Over the past five years and continuing, Erick has painstakingly constructed our intricate trail system. This 1.2-mile trail meanders through our agricultural landscape, gently winding its way around the Butterfly Field Gardens, down near the apiary and as it progresses, it leads you into the depths of the forested hill that extends behind our home. This trail serves as a multifaceted recreational oasis, catering to hikers, bird lovers, mountain bikers, and even dirt bike enthusiasts like Erick and his friends.

Ground Control 406, offers a transformative journey through diverse natural spaces on the fringe of Missoula. Walking our trail, you'll enjoy scenic vistas of our cherished Snowbowl, and along the way wildflowers burst into vibrant bloom, birds serenade you with their melodies, wildlife wanders, and the sun bestows its warm caress upon the earth. The entire experience is nothing short of magical, and it's a sentiment we can't help but share.